What we do

We train new workers and provide a wide range of 24/7 on-call labour services, specifically to the mining industry.

Our General Labour services include:

Confined Space

Bearspaw Contracting provides assessment, monitoring and stand-by rescue for projects taking place in confined spaces.

What is a confined space? It’s a term used to describe an area that’s not necessarily designed for people but can accommodate workers to perform certain tasks. This includes tunnels, equipment housings, ductwork and pipelines. Confined spaces often have one-way entry and exit.

As an employee of Bearspaw Contracting, you will receive certified confined space training.

Fire Watch

Hot work, such as welding or grinding, may produce sparks, which can ignite a fire. This is especially of concern in areas where methane gas exists.

Bearspaw Contracting provides vigilante fire watch personnel to observe the location. If hazards arise, our people are trained to extinguish the fire and follow industry procedures to ensure the safety of everyone on site.

Industrial Cleaning

From steam bay to shovel cleaning, Bearspaw Contracting provides comprehensive cleaning services to remove dust, dirt, rust and grime on equipment before routine maintenance and/or repair. A proper pre-clean can make it safer and easier for technicians to perform their tasks. Industrial cleaning can also help extend the life of equipment and machinery.

Janitorial Services

We help our clients maintain safe and healthy work environments by providing a wide range of janitorial services. They include:

● General Cleaning
● Laundry Services
● Conveyor Belt Cleaning
● Cleaning of Highly Mechanized Areas

Working for Bearspaw Contracting, you will receive training and hands-on experience at some of the world’s largest coal mines.

We have an excellent track record of providing qualified, reliable workers to the mining industry.